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At TCC we collect the very best technology that is designed to make your surfing faster, more reliable, and easier. When we have a problem that other’s products can’t solve we even dream up a few ourselves. Introducing:

The Clutter Cutter

This new hardware is an adjunct to any existing router or gate way that makes sure old data is refreshed in a timely fashion preventing slow connections, dropped connections, or false DNS information using broadband internet providers by zip code. This device requires that the connected router use the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, and if yours doesn’t it may be time to upgrade. Here is why.

If you are asking, what are the internet choices in my area and are trying to keep your network freed from freeloaders by requiring an arcanum square measure is in all probability the most effective way in which to grant your connection a speed a lift. However you will be ready to do more than just adjusting your current router settings and firmware. First make sure that the physical location of your router is ideal: It ought to be focused relative to all or any the gadgets that connect with it. DD-WRT, AN ASCII text file project, may be a powerful piece of microcode that has a positive effect on any compatible router (a list is here), therefore you should have no problems finding one that fits your needs. Once you have downloaded the file do a hard reset on your router by pressing its reset button (usually placed on the back). Then connect your pc on to your router via local area network, and log in to your router\'s administration page via net mortal or expedition. If your service doesn't allow this check these Internet providers.The address can look one thing like (the Linksys address).

Philips Hue App and Satellite Internet

The official Hue app isn't the foremost intuitive piece of software packages out there, but now it is enabled for use on most satellite Internet providers. Its primary screen displays a grid of predetermined lighting schemes ("recipes," per Philips) designed for all 3 lightweight bulbs. Some recipes, like Reading, or Concentration, trigger acquainted, utilitarian reminder white and traffic signal. Others -- Sunset, Deep Sea, and more -- read the spectrum of sixteen million colours out there to the Hue.

Aetna CarePass Goes Wireless

Health insurance prices ar skyrocketing, and access to a lot of information may improve health and drive down prices. A smartphone app that launches using wireless internet from the insurance company Aetna helps users monitor their own health-tracking information. As prices spiral upward, health-care firms may eventually intercommunicate such apps as the way to encourage healthy behavior.