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Pam McCutcheon, Founder and CEO

A pioneer and mastermind in TV and digital media Pam McCutcheon is the Founder and chief operating officer of The Clutter Cutter. Pam also served as the vice chairman of net TV where she developed the base code and hardware profile that became The Clutter Cutter, originally designed as a media server manager.

Prior to The Clutter Cutter, Pam worked on the analog video recorder (AVR) and based PlayItAgainTV, where she served as President and chief operating officer before the company\'s acquisition and subsequent sale to Bistro Software. Before The Clutter Cutter, Pam was co-Founder and chief operating officer of Uniband, Inc., an online package company that was sold to Americral in 1996. The code base developed by Pam at Uniband became a central a part of the first core code of the many products.Pamthen became the vice chairman of net Authoring at MutiFlexolla. Earlier in her career, Pam was Founder and chief operating officer of Suplex Industries, a provider of hardware and package tools for non-linear sound recording and writing.

The Clutter Cutter is an internet hardware company located in Saratoga, California.