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If you're making an attempt to setup you’re Cutter and you see a Code 011 error, this suggests the Clutter Cutter momentarily lost connection to the Clutter Cutter update server. There could also be an issue where the Cutter servers aren't available. Once this happens, attempt once more. Then simply perform a cycle of the Clutter Cutter with the instructions below. You ought to be ready to continue wherever you left off.

To resolve this do the following:

Power cycle the Clutter Cutter by removing the power cable from the rear of the Clutter Cutter. Wait thirty seconds, then reconnect. Watch for the device to restart, then follow the on-screen directions.

If power cycling the Clutter Cutter didn't resolve the error then a network power cycle may.

To do this power down these devices. (Note that your router and electronic equipment could also be one physical unit)

  • Clutter Cutter
  • Modem
  • Wireless router

Wait thirty seconds then reconnect the silver connectors in this order, waiting one minute between every device to permit it to totally boot.

Follow the on-screen directions:

If none of these steps worked then a reset of the Clutter Cutter could also be required. To reset the Clutter Cutter push button located in the rear of the device. (Consult your user manual for the situation of the push button on your specific model) Press and hold the push button for thirty seconds then release. The Clutter Cutter can then restart. Follow the on-screen directions for setup.

If nothing has helped, please contact Clutter Cutter client support here.