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ADT Pulse Home Automation

We offer a variety of touch-screen management systems that allow new management over each theme. The design of the system permits you to manage all of your systems from a straightforward interface that displays very important and timely information.

HIVE Active Heating and Cooling

You’ve most likely heard of HIVE (now owned  by Google) however you may not know exactly what they do. HIVE uses internet echnology that allows customers to control their thermostats from anywhere saving tons on money in the long run.

DrivePlus from Direct Line

While telematics-based insurance policies tend to be marketed towards teenagers and tykes (who square measure quoted the very best insurance premiums), some suppliers provide them to drivers of just about any age - on condition that your premium is already quite low.

Philips Hue for Lighting

Like several of the new breed of user-installable, smartphone-controlled home school merchandise, the WiFi-connected Philips Hue lighting kit has high geek/novelty charm. After all, it is a color-changing, LED lightweight bulb package you'll program from a smartphone. however on the far side its remote on/off and programming functions you will need to urge very into the extended features--like geofencing and IFTTT support--to create this kit value $199 (AU$249 for those in Australia).

Aetna CarePass

Health insurance prices ar skyrocketing, and access to a lot of information may improve health and drive down prices. A smartphone app that launches on from the insurance company Aetna helps users monitor their own health-tracking information. As prices spiral upward, health-care firms may eventually intercommunicate such apps as the way to encourage healthy behavior.